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Help with best way to pull off two tone job.

I am painting a 50 Chevy delivery sedan. The top of the car will be tri-coat Pearl white. The bottom blue metallic.
Due to small paint booth ( not very wide) and ventilation, I would like to paint the top of the car first and clear it. Then let it sit for a couple of weeks before I have time to paint the bottom and clear.
The car has a stainless molding that goes all the way around the middle of the car which will hide the tape line. The only place it will be seen is in the door jamb areas.
So what is the best way to achieve this? The whole car is in turbo primer now.
I was planning on blocking just the roof with 320, sealing, and then base and clear the roof. Can I let the overspray go down on the bottom of the car and then block it off when I get ready to paint it? Or should I mask the bottom now before spraying the top? Here's a pic so you can see what I'm talking about.
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Normally you would prep the vehicle and tape off the first color you plan to spray, base the first color, untape, tape off for the second color, shoot the second color, and depending on time frame either clear the vehicle or use an intercoat clear if time doesn't allow you to clear in the basecoat window.
The way you want to do it isn't ideal but it can be done. By all means tape off the entire car before you do the roof, it will save you a lot of unneccesary sanding time, and doing it without taping is just sloppy and a hack thing to do. If you plan on waiting several weeks before clear and you are using an activated basecoat (even if you aren't using a activated base) you need to spray 2 coats of intercoat clear on it, to protect the base and allow you to clear it later. Simply scuff the intercoat before clearing it. Make sure you protect the top well if you still have to prep the bottom after you base it.

Personally I would not do it this way. I would prep and ready the vehicle for paint. Seal and tape off, for the first color. Shoot the first color, untape, tape off for the second color, spray the second color and then clear the vehicle. If limited time was a factor I would get the vehicle prepped. Then when I had enough time I would base both colors, then use an intercoat clear. When I then had enough time to clear it, I would. Never like to be blocking after I have already painted part of a vehicle.

I forgot to add that if you have the entire vehicle prepped and are going to do both colors at the same time you can simply spray your first color (say the top) and then tape off the top and spray the bottom with your second color. That way you only have one tape line and it is easier for the clear to cover.
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Thanks. How long do I have after I sand the turbo before I have to spray sealer on it?
So you would tape the line twice? Or can I spray my top base that's white and let it extend down on the bottom, then mask with fine line tape and base the bottom?
I don't have any intercoat clear. I have ppg basecoat blender which I understand to be basecoat with out pigment? Will this work as an intercoat clear? I'm using ppg base coats and universal clear.
Looks like you answered one of my questions in your edit, thanks.
The makeshift booth is just so tight on space and the roof of this vehicle so tall I was trying to break this up into more manageable sprays. I know your suggestion is less work and a better job. I just don't know if I can pull off clearing the whole thing at once in this booth.


Trying to be the best me, I can be
SPI makes an excellent intercoat. Probably the best out there. If you are going to break up the job you need it. PN is 2020-1 (gallon) or 2020-4 (quart) Here is a link to the Tech Sheet:

You do have a nice break line on the vehicle. Especially since you have a molding going over top, the tape line should be no issue. If you were to break it up, prep the whole vehicle first, do the roof in base and clear. When you are ready, go back over your unpainted section first with some Scuff Stuff and a gray scotchbrite pad, after you have scuffed, and dried it off, tape up the top and do the bottom. Barry recomends a red scotchbrite so you may want to use that instead. You could red scotchbrite it dry, or use some sanding paste like Scuff Stuff and a grey pad and do it wet. That should work out nicely. I don't think the idea of doing the top and then doing your blocking on the bottom is a very good one. Get the vehicle prepped, then you can break it up. Just be sure to re-scuff the section that you are going to paint last just before you start painting.

From the SPI Tech Manual regarding Turbo Primer,
"If sanded primer has set more than 24 hrs, you must scuff first with a red scuff
pad or equivalent before applying another product"
Could I prep whole car for paint, seal whole car, then base top. Then lay down two coats of intercoat clear on roof. Then mask off roof and use stripe tape for my color line, and paint bottom. Then clear top and bottom separately?
I just did this on a 55 chevy. Tape off the bottom in the center of the moulding holes. seal, base and clear the top. Then after you get time
reverse and do the bottom. No one will see the tape line under the moulding. Reverse tape inside the door jambs and pull the tape as soon as it tacks up.
Thanks for the replies. I think I've decided to block the whole car out and seal it. Then paint the top and spray two coats of intercoat clear. Then mask off top and base and clear the bottom. Then a few days later mask off bottom and clear top.
Then after its has cured for a few months I'll block the clear and spray three more coats of clear over the whole car.
This isn't a rush job and I'm going slow with it as I find time to work on it.