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Building a 572 hemi challenger using aftermarket k member and mounts I found the engine sitting a little higher in the car than I want. Maybe it is a combination of that and the stage V intake. Anyways there is a company that makes the air cleaner top and bottom for 1200 bucks.
That's alot of cash for something I am not sure will clear the hood so I decided to build my own.
I started with 24x24 sheet of 5052 .063 aluminum. I dished it around the carbs with the english wheel till I got the clearance I needed,then used the planishing hammer to finish. I then used a shrinker on the edges for strength and to make it look reasonably close to stock.
It's not finished but turned out pretty nice for a one piece deal with no welding.


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Floor sweeper
sounds like a great fill in job. You know someone tried to shove one of those or an LS in an old car and redesigned oil pans. You wont have to make too many, Holley will like it and buy you out and its someone elses problem.
I splice fiber optic cable in the summer months and am in a band with my boys. I am crazy busy but yeah I see what you mean.