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HOK Shimirin 2 question

I had a friend ask me if I could paint a guitar a specific HOK color. It is code 000961. Here is the link: https://www.houseofkolor.com/kolors/detail/?ref=related_effects&id=HOK000961-01#formula

I've never used HoK before but it looks like it is a clear basecoat with candy and metallic added. Has anyone used something similar before? Is it like a true candy and need shot over a specific color. According to the website, it looks like the base is black sealer, then this "basecoat" then clear.
Also can HOK be mixed at a distributor or do you buy all the components and mix yourself? Sorry for so many questions but have never used HoK before. Thanks in advance!


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omg they make this so difficult. that color is simple green candy. there is nothing special there. you cant have it mixed so you need to buy all the components which is prob why they wrote this formula to contain as many products as possible. get some silver and clear basecoat and a bottle of the kk09 concentrate. thats all you need. take the silver base and mix in some kk09 to make it a dark mint green color. spray tht then mix kk09 into some clear base to make your transparent toner and spray over the mint green until you get the color you want and your done.
Ok. Thanks Jim! I just felt like I was getting a run around on the tech sheet and seemed harder than it was. On my 53, I shot silver base then mixed some planet color candy in some clear and then topped with straight clear. I was just trying to please me so I was shooting from the hip. This was a color they picked so was trying to get what they wanted but seemed like a lot of steps that HOK wanted to jump through. They also wouldn't say what base color it was or wasn't and I know that can change a candy. I'll just get some of the kandy and go for it. Too bad they didnt pick the planet color mint julep as I have tons of it. Lol. Here's my 53 I did. 20180817_191806.jpg 20180817_191818.jpg 20180817_191823.jpg


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The thing Jimc did not mention is BASF, PPG have a copy system where they can give you the same colors and save you money and give you a Superior product.
yes that too lol. the basf carizzma green candy is db-56. its the same color as hok organic green. would be avail from any diamont jobber
Thanks for the heads up! I will see if I can find a Diamont jobber close. A quick search says one is an hour away so I will see if I can get in touch with them.
the carizzma dyes are concentrated but they are in basecoat form rather than a dye you mix into base. it will be sold by the qt and will cost more than the hok concentrates. you generally cut the concentrate with something like spi intercoat clear at 4-8pts intercoat to 1 part dye.