HoldTight for auto body metal


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Thought I would start this one off. Does it work? Does it leave a residual film? How to rinse or neutralize?

Seeing how the Dustless Blasting craze has started individual technical developments will lead the way. Also highly noted is the standard dry method of removal of rust, has anyone used this product in automotive to slow or stop the flash process. Shine and his technical wisdom of 45 years is time tested. I can't stand new products sometimes due in part they create other problems.


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I've been told that HoldTight is one of the few metal surface treatment products that is rated for use with SPI epoxy, but I have not yet used it, and we should wait to hear from others before making any judgements.

P.S. as far as I know, HoldTight is included in the rinse in a highly diluted form, to help passivate the steel and make it resistant to flash rusting. It should require no special treatment other than a thorough wipedown with SPI #700, as long as little time has passed from the blasting op.


I did some research on this and even bought some, but I haven't used any yet. You need to do some checking for yourself, but as I recall it does not need rinsing, or neutralizing, but should be used in a pressure washer for best results.