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Homemade booth walls

In the process of building my 16X24 booth inside my shop to paint my 01 Ford dually. Walls are mostly up. 8'6" high. My last temp booth I made I just used the hardware store plastic rolls. I used thin stuff to help the light come thru.

This build I was wondering if the plastic for masking cars is any better. I am led to believe that it is treated and would help with garbage in the air.

Any thoughts,
I use the stuff made for masking cars - the dirtiest paint job a ever did was when I thought I would line my garage and used the hardware store stuff - overspray did not stick to it and when I started spraying clear it all got sucked right off the plastic by static I guess - spent HOURS !!! Sanding clear ! Lesson learned- I don’t even use plastic anymore - maybe to cover a few tool items - I just blow out all the dust with a leaf blower and use minimal fans under the garage door - box fans are slower but they don’t disturb much dust from around the garage


The New Guy
I built a temp spray booth using 10 micron air filters (from Home depot) and grounded box fans and plastic sheets for walls plus ceiling and had very good final results with the finish. I also keep a ground braid from the car body to the electrical ground to prevent static buildup on the body. This was when spraying base and SPI clear.
The trick though is to use a rigid 6 mil plastic and have a properly designed air delivery. I used one fan set to high blowing into the booth through a 10 micron filter and a diffusion box that spreads the air left and right of the car, and two fans on the opposite ends of the garage door set to low and drawing out. All the seams were duct taped and I installed a zipper entry. The plastic would remain fairly steady to very slightly outward bowing thereby indicating a slight positive pressure.
Where I found problems in the past was using the thinner sheets of plastic (0.3 to 1 mils) that can waver easily and possibly lose the overspray collected on them, into larger airborne particles. I used the 6 mil plastic sheets made by HDX and sold at Home Depot and it holds overspray very good.
Afterwards, I removed all the sheets except the sides so when I do the cut and buff, the plastic gets the spatter.