How long is sealer good for ?


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I'm working on my 69 Camaro. The body work is done and I'm to the stage that I sprayed the last 2 coats of 2k primer on and I plan on giving it a shot of guide coat and blocking it out with 400 dry paper. Once I'm done I'll be ready to apply thinned epoxy primer as a sealer ( following all directions and times ) after I shoot the epoxy I'll spray the white stripe area with base coat and intercoat then tape off the stripes. My question is what is my time window to spray base on the rest the body? What happens if I go past the time window and how do I fix my problem?
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What you could do is spray intercoat over the entire body then your window would be pretty much indefinite. Another advantage is you would have something there to scuff a little if you needed to without going through your sealer.

Jim C

i would not go past 24hrs BUT you can do as texasking said which will work great or if you are out of window then after your stripe is masked away then just spray another thin sealer coat of epoxy. wait maybe 30-60 min and spray your base color