How to remove yellow road paint from a car

JC Daniel

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My friend got yellow road stripping paint on her white jeep and wants me to get it off but I have no clue what to do, Any help is greatly appreciated.


I use the 3m adhesive remover. Start with a paper towel. If that doesn't work then try a white scotch brite pad. Easy off would work but that gives me the shakes.
Just my personal experience. Got asphalt oil all over my daughters car flying thru when they just put oil down. WD-40 took care of that. Parked a Ford Fusion with transmission trouble last november. Ended up sitting in the dock and the one place the roof just dripped, ended up splattering tar residue all over the car for 8 months. WD did not work, scotchbrite was not easy. When it got to the main point it was dripping, on the window, we got the invisible glass out and it was gone. Sprayed invisible glass on the rest of the car and it took all the old tar off too.

sometimes the wrong stuff works.


If it's not too bad try just working at it with a finger nail, I had a small amount of spatter that it worked pretty good just doing that.