ice hockey goalie mask


hey guys im going to strip my friends goalie mask of the chipped and crappy paint that is on it now.
what steps should be taken?
does this type of plastic need an adhesion promoter?

the plan is for me to prep the mask and we have a buddy that does airbrushing and he is going to airbrush some superhero's on it.
but he does not do clear coat.
will i still be able to clear the airbrush work after he is done?
may i add that our friend lives in florida and we live in ny
any experience on the matter is highly appreciated
thank you


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We actually sell a company that makes the helmets and I assume the mask is the same??

They epoxy, spray the base and use 5100 clear, no adhesion promoter is used.


thanks Barry yes they are the same except goalie masks are much stiffer to take impacts.
will i still be able to clear the helmet with UV after i get it back say a week after it has been airbrushed?