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First project to get SPI epoxy...not having used many brands, I didn't think I could tell a difference in the way it looks and goes on but even an amateur can tell this is good stuff...major difference...also adds to the confidence of the projects I turn out.



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Lol on the puppy.
Andy in nashville today picking up 2 boxers from the rescue mission.
There 1 year old and brother and sister.
Spi is the largest financial supporter of the Local shelter and has been for the 10 years we been in this town.
It would be a great promo but not sure how to ship the dogs ups or how to package them.
That was a great picture.


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Kudos to you and SPI for that.
Every pup I've had over thirty years of dog ownership has been a "pound pup".
The mountain shelter is a no kill operation and over the years we would give $8000 to $10,000 a year, than one day I was there with a check and a women come in with her mother who looked to be about 75 years old and her dog had just died and she found another one and I heard her say can you hold till Friday when I get the money, they said we can't.
The women was heartbroken, so I asked how much it was ans paid the tab of $110.
So we set up a fund of $5000 a week later to at their discretion to cover the fees of any adoption, it worked great and been doing that about 4 years now.
Last year I learned there was cases where people could not afford to have their pets treated at a vet and were trying to give the pet to shelter, so we set up another fund they can use for that treatment when needed. Last year that fund cost about $4000.
In this town there are a lot of older people here that love their pets but live very tight with their retirement income so it very rewarding to me and I love every bit of it to help them.


To Barry & your company. While I very seldom make general comments on the internet I would like to say that your support for our less fortunate neighbors & 4 legged friends is very inspirational. Your efforts to help is one of the things that does make this country great & me so proud to be an American! God Bless..


Awesome to hear you are supporting our local shelter and needy pet owners like that! Don’t understand why more folks don’t get their pets from shelters and think they have to have a pure bred whatever.
I give a few hundred bucks to labrador rescue every Christmas, but I think your generosity Barry has inspired me to be a bit more generous in the future. You ARE a good man!