Im too slow and almost too hot for speed clear

overall everything turned out well on toyota roof but i had to move quickly and not break my neck climbing in and out the bed with plastic masking and steping up in chairs to spray front part of roof..not to mention dealing with 2 air hoses and 99 degrees in the shop....the blends turned out awesome with the clear and blending solvent.all in all a lesson learned....i will use universal or another spi clear for roofs and save the speed clear for easy access by the time i shot the blend solvent and dumped unused clear and flush gun with thinner the clear was dry to touch on masking paper where my last past about 5 minutes.....i do love the quick dry time less time for trash to hang up in it..
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These work well. I wonder if you could do your two coats on half and then do the other half without issue. That would cut down on all that climbing around.
yes those platforms would have helped tremendously...what slowed me down was the very back of cab where it rolls down to the back glass was about 3 1/2 inches that i couldnt reach from the which those platforms would have been the cure that.and in turn would have saved me the time... thank you AAE for showing me those...ill get some before i do my next roof,,which is a 05 silverado.