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In the works, update.


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I have decided to make 2K Regular build primer in black, hope to have ready in 2 weeks, gallons only and same price as the buff and grey.

Also with the help of JimC, I'm working on a blood red base, the idea is not only do we get a lot of calls for a dark red but since SPI red is at the other end of scale, you could now mix the two together and make your own preferred shade of red. It will be the same price as the SPI Red.
I would say will be done in 2-3 weeks as fine tuning at this point.


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Not done yet, I have had to deviate from what JimC has sent me, because I want this to blend with the SPI red for people that want to make their own reds by mixing the two.
So I have had to play with the tints, too eliminate the sometimes dirtiness, when blended together at different ratios, not all ratios but some.
Tonight I think I have it, a real blood red, that blends just perfect, so I will need to do about three more spray-outs Friday, too make sure.

If i have it, then Monday will order the tints, I need and will have made up by next Friday or the following week.


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Finally settled on a dark red yesterday, will throw together a batch this week or first of next week and then do some spray-out, I do have a spray-out sheet I can cut up for a few people, in meantime, if in a hurry very close to Ford EC code, looks blend-able as I had my spray-out when at home depot and saw one.
Seems to cover gray in one coat, 2 for sure and three for fun.
can be mixed with the SPI red for your own taste in color. There is NO white or black in this color, it is clean.
@ Barry. Ever thought of doing a colored primer system with Turbo primer? 4-5 gallon tints to make multiple colors of primer & option to convert to wet on wet sealer. Fan deck or color sheet with say 20-30 colors mixes to choose from or mix one of the colors and then tint to your desired shade from there.

Rob Dumais
Streamline Collision
i didnt think anyone used the colored undercoats anymore. i thought most companies stopped that because it was proven that just an undercoat with the same brightness/value as the base works equally well without the extra cost of pigments. the spi 2k sealer is a fantastic primer and with black and white you mix any shade of grey you would need. it also spray alot more slick than the turbo primer. its just like duponts valueshade system.
jim your absolutely right , that value shade or tinted primer crap has cost more failures than any single thing i can think of. why it is still brought up today amazes me. great marketing hype by dupont . the tint used to color primer would be better used as base . imo there is no better base to shoot on than light gray.
Akzo still uses the colored system with Sikkens ab+ and autowave. It really is quite a nice system and is just like what Rob is describing. Color swatches and all.

It is expensive unless you are pumping out a lot of cars a week. I tried it a while back for a few months and for guys doing a few cars a year or even 4-5, the cost is just too much. Those tints will go bad after a while too if you don't use them. In the case of the sikkens system, all of the colored tints are in quart cans. The black and white are the only two in gallons.

I don't think the demand would be there for it when you already have white and black with both the 2k sealer and turbo.


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Years ago when DuPont came out with the values shades of Gray, the research showed the the different shades of gray were more efficient for color hiding then the actual color tints in a sealer. Of course the trick is mixing the right gray????!!!???
The valueshade system was a real rip off IMO, when Chromabase first came out there wasn't a color you couldn't reach full coverage with in three coats and then they weakened the mixing tints and got you to buy into using the valueshade system. Even the reps knew the pigment levels decreased because even with the valueshade system there were still colors needing up to 6 coats for acceptable coverage.
The critical thing about using similar grayshade or similar color undercoats is knowing how to pick the correct one, as Barry says. I've been taught to use the Sungun and pick a shade that has the closest flop, that is color viewed from an angle. This is the view that allows the eye to see the farthest through the paint pigments, and so is the angle where the shade of the undercoat could be discerned if it was different than the color. Sometimes achieving the illusion of perfect coverage is better for the job than just piling on the basecoat, since base is the weakest link. There is a bit of art in this.
Sikkens, Sherwin Williams, Valspar & others have a colored primer system, not tinting primer with toners off the machine. There are usually 5-6 colors in the system. Black & white in gallons and Yellow, Blue, Green etc. in quarts. for smaller shops in gallons for higher volume shops. You can use the black & white for those of you who prefer shades of gray. The fan deck gives you 20 - 30 colors to choose from for those of us who like a colored primer or sealer. The trick to using a colored primer or sealer is choosing a color slightly darken than the finish for quick base coat coverage. Using a lighter color than the finish will result in difficult hiding & extra coats. One of the reasons for using a colored primer or sealer is in the event of stone chips or small scratches the undercoat is the color of the vehicle making them less noticeable.