Intercoat clear for satin/semi gloss look?


I have a car that was painted years ago. The car is silver but the rockers and bottom back edge of the fender is a satin or semigloss black. A lot of people just spray paint this section so it can be touched up later. It also has a spear molding where the two colors meet.
Anyway I’m in the process of repairing the silver part of the fender and door and the black part needs painted too. I was hoping to just spray with some rustoleum satin black and call it good. But today I sprayed a spray out card just to see how it would look next to the existing black rocker. It’s too flat black. So I was wondering if intercoat clear would hold up over this satin paint or any black base if the sheen is correct. This is like a 2” x 12” section on the bottom of the fender. Trying to match to the rocker.