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I'd like to know which grease/wax remover would do the same job as ISO Alcohol,having a hard time to get it sometime.
I'd like to prep my RAM prior to apply a ceramic coating,also planning to offer this ceramic coating and paint correction service to a couple of customers,I guess I will be using some cleaner so a cheap solution woud be great.

Terry, With all due respect your question does not allow a good answer. If alchohol was the answer, nobody would use WAGR. The WAGR is designed to dry slowly so the contaminates are floated to the surface so they can be wiped off. A fast drying solvent will just move them around and put them back on the surface before you get them wiped off.

Availability can not be an issue since SPI ships free and product will go out the same day if ordered by mid afternoon. In Tennessee, I receive it next day with no tax and no shipping. How much better can life be? :)

I keep the water besed in a spray bottle and use it to clean appliances, work bench, sheet metal before metal forming, and cleaning other oily surfaces. It is a great product that works for much more than paint prep.

The best course of action is to use what the maker of the coating recommends, in my opinion. In the absence of recommendations, then using a proper pre-coating cleaner like SPI 700 or 710 is the best way to go. We don't consider it to be a significant expense in the big scheme of things, since even a small redo in our situation would buy many gallons of good cleaner.


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I've used ipa many times, spi #700 though really gets it clean.
Gotta hold on as you wipe dry cause it's beyond squeaky clean.
Cost isn't much more either. Order it. What's $10 difference compared to a redo.


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I just reread original question after a relaxing pizza dinner.
Terry, to answer your question, my guess is #700 is closest to ipa, not having solvents & works great for me in limited ventilation space.
I have differents answers and this is great for my culture but I'm not lucky like you guys to have a large choice of products to choose from and beeing able to get it the next day.
I have to order most of them or get whatever in stock,I live in a small community and all of our needs have to be imported by boat or plane,this is very costly and takes delays especially when these products are dangerous/corrosif/inflammable.
I have Acetone, RM PK 700,900,1000 and Pro Form Wax&Grease cleaner available here at this time but expensive and they are fast drying solvents,this is why I'm trying to fing a cheaper alternatives like IPA that could be diluted.
While reading I've checked on Pro Form site,a canadian made products,they have differents cleaners I could get easily but quite expensive,due to transportation and duty fees but I will check on those 2 cleaners tomorrow especially the water based one
Hope you understand better now my demand,thank you for all your infos to you all .

Isopropyl Alcohol is available at most pharmacies and supermarkets.

You can wash the car with soap/detergent and water, rinse well, blow dry and then wipe with the alcohol but you need to apply it and wipe it off immediately with a clean towel.

The Pro Form Wax and Grease remover you mentioned, how expensive is it for a gallon?


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I would use the RM choices before using pure alcohol.
OR if you use the alcohol, than go over it with the RM to fix the mess it can cause.
I wanted to use a diluted solution of ISO like 25% into distilled water so it would be less consuming and give more time to wipe it out ?
Prices checked on friday after work at a local automotive supplier.
RM cleaners over 100 $ 1 gallon in stock year around .
Pro Form Final Wipe solvent Cleaner 35$ 1 gallon to be ordered one or two weeks.
Pro Form WaterBorne Final Wipe 15 $ 1 gallon to be ordered one or two week.
Pro Form Wax & Grease Remover 15 $ 1 Liter in stock for now .
I'm not trying to be cheap,I'm just looking for the best choice in term of results and costs as I'm getting ready to offer my services in detailing this spring,I want to give the best results as possible to satisfy my consumers,some will be good friends.
I completly agree with you AAE,this is why I 've had this question asked in the beginning,I have a good friend waiting for my services within a fews weeks,he had his truck repainted and I told him to wait at least 3 months before applying any protection on but he didn't and waxed it with Turtle wax.
Now he regrets so we'll have to remove this stuff completly before I can buff the paint and apply a better protection to the clear, like a ceramic or a better wax.
I guess this truck will have to be washed twice,one with soap,a good pro shampoo,clayed,wiped with degreaser twice and then I'll be able to pratice my buffing.
Thanks to all of you answering .
I know you're right too elwood but what about dirving all year round especially on those salty roads we have during winter months ?
Is a good wax able to block salt and debris during this period ?
We have strong winds for severals days and I can see sand and alot of debris on my wiper blades stop on our windshield,natural sandblasting is on while you are sleeping .
I was reading this thread wrong, you simply need to remove wax from an existing finish to do some polishing and re-waxing? Wash with a strong solution of Dawn dish-washing detergent or equivalent, then dry and use a solvent based wax and grease remover. If that's not available, use charcoal lighter fluid. It will remove wax easily.
What would be your % of dawn in a bucket ?
Yes,the purpose is to pre wash and clean up all the contaminations after a winter on our salty roads,this is the first step to rejuvinate the paint.
We all know that prep the surface is the key .

Got to go to work now, good day to all.
I don't measure it, maybe a 1-2 second squirt into a mostly full 5 gal bucket? I can feel when it's right, sorry it's not more accurate but not sure it matters too much?