Iwata BellAria 1.3

Gary Longfellow

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If I were to buy one buy one with a 1.4 tip for clear
I really like the lph-400 I have a two,regular cap for the clear and orange for the base
You can get a good used lph400 for about the same cost of a new bellAria
check ebay
also market place on facebook.Got a new unused lph400 gold cap this week for 260$


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Only gun that SPI recommends using with a 1.3 needle/nozzle is the Sata 5000 RP. Any Iwata, SPI recommends using a 1.4 needle/nozzle.


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I'd never heard of the BellAria, looks like a respin of the original W400, if so, it would not be legal in my area.