Iwata WS400 Supernova- Can someone post a pic of the box. Which Ebay sellers and what tip size?


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Looking to get a WS400 Supernova Evo for 2k clear.

I haven't found any info on possible fakes out there. So I was wondering if someone could post a picture of the authentic factory Box they come in, because I see on Ebay that different sellers are selling the same gun with different box size and graphics.

There is an Ebay seller called "airbrushpaintworld" selling these for under $450, and he/she is out of Lafayette Indiana.

There is also a seller out of Florida called "Chroma-Air" for $575. Different box than the above seller.

I know there is that seller from Italy and the one from Japan, who folks here have said are legit but I only have 1 month of school left before I graduate , so can't wait the 2+ weeks for the thing to get here from overseas.

What tip should I choose for 2K clear , 1.3mm , 1.4mm or something else? We spray Nason and Cromax Urethane Clears at Tech College.
Is there a choice in Tip pattern, like how Sata has the O pattern and I pattern?

Thanks for the advice.


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Links would be helpful.
Apologies. Wasn't sure if it was ok to link

Seller from Florida. Cubish box

Seller from Indiana. Rectangular shallow height box

Oh and one more thing: I am in South East Wisconsin, so it is cold outside, but the school is heated and so is the paint booth, so temps don't matter.
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I've been spraying SPI clear quite a bit with a 1.3 Supernova, and it will spray those thinner clears you are using just fine. Just note that it is a rather finicky gun as far as setup and technique, and I don't know if I would recommend it to a beginner. The LPH 400 is a little more forgiving, The Tekna Pro Lite sprays anything well, and would probably be my suggestion for a beginner, but I haven't had a new Sata since the 2000 HVLP, which doesn't spray clear well, but is an excellent base gun, especially on difficult metallics. I still use it today for metallics and pearls, but usually use a lph400 1.4 for solids. The pro lite with the 1.3, 1.4, TE20 and HV30 combination is very versatile, and gives you lots of options to experiment with. I think a 1.3 with a TE20 air cap will spray those clears you're using very well.
bellaria gun with no cup is 200 on Amazon, the full box ones range from 629-675. one with 3M cup adapter and starter kit for 619.

I would suggest shopping a little more and remove any question of what you are getting on ebay or waiting a month for shipping.