Jeez!! The epoxy debate.

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I am not saying there are no other ways to skin this cat,just for this particular persons application,it sounded like the best thing to do.Especially up in BC by Seattle? You guys don't get any sun there anyways do you LOL.


I try to stay away from commenting on anything painting related on any other forum but this one. I have alot to learn, but quite a few of the "experts" on other forums are living in a dream world out of touch with reality.

Its honestly hard to not say something when you see blatantly wrong information.

I'm just glad I found this forum to learn good quality information.


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The negativity on many of these sites irks me. One forum in particular that really irks me now is The Hamb. So many Hot Rod snobs (who knew there was even such a thing) on there. There are also several moderators who would have done well serving under the Nazi's in WW2. The minute anyone disagrees with the accepted think that only cars built exactly like they were in 1948 are hot rods and deserve any discussion on the forum then they ban you. Even exact reproduction parts are looked down on. Funny thing is that most of the cars those guys produce are rat rods at best and it's kinda funny to be a snob about a rat rod. I used to enjoy poking them by saying if you guys are all sold out for only pre 1949 then why on earth are you using body filler on those cars? If you are really traditional then lead and nitro lacquer would be the only way to go.
Funny thing is that I guarantee guys like Doane Spencer and others if they were alive today would laugh at these clowns. Hot Rodding has always been about moving forward, improving what you have. Not collecting a bunch of worn out junk and bolting it together. That and butchering original steel bodies like some of those clowns have done. Rolling Bones comes to mind. Ughhhh.

End of Rant.....:mad:
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Really is a shame as to what some of the hot rod/rat rod scene has become. While some rat rod cars have some nice engineering to them, the majority seem to just be a way to show off NOT being able to do bodywork. As painful as it is to say, I think some of the import car scene cars are more hot rod by the modify & improve what ya got definition of things. At least a lot of them value doing decent bodywork.

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I guess I really don't give a rip one way or another for the rat rod thing.I think in a way they are keeping the old car scene alive,which is good. What I DO NOT LIKE is the bird shit welds/barnyard engineering they do on the frames and suspensions. Keep that turd bucket in your own lane,don't kill an innocent person because you're lazy,cheap and ignorant.


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I can remember my Dad telling me when this rat rod craze started, that those weren't hot rods, and you would have been run out of town with a car like that. The idea that there weren't craftsman back then, and that they just threw stuff together with tie wraps and duct tape really pissed him off. A real hot rod is supposed to be an improvement over factory, those cars are better classified as jalopys, IMO.


OMG I am glad to see this discussion on rat rods. I despise them, it's funny to see lack of skill equated in to a movement. They are not true to any sort of history or heritage, especially when people pay to have those travesties assembled by someone else.


My old man built his first Hot Rod in the late 50s. He said anyone with a Jalopy was laughed out of town. He talked about 50 coats of hand rubbed lacquer paint jobs. Guys would spend months sanding after every coat. He said the only time a car is in primer is just before paint. On race night your car better look as nice as it runs or get off the track. That's how it was in Chicago in the 50s. After spending 2 to 3 years building a car to perfection you didn't race some pos on race night. When the rat rod craze started he shook his head and said that's not a car. It's a pos. Stay away from that guy he's gonna kill someone in that thing. Today I still say the only time my car is in primer is just before I paint it. If your pos is faster than mine I don't care. It's still a
P. O. S. Lol