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Just a couple of cars with SPI products

I have been reading this forum for a long time, the absolute best forum on the web for information sharing and help. I can not even begin to list all of the help and ideas that I have gotten reading the forum. I just work on cars in my spare time and really have grown to like everything i've used from SPI. I have included a couple photos of cars that I have completed in the last two or three years using everything but base from SPI. chevy ll.jpg 55 chevy 2.jpg chevy 2 2.jpg
Another one. This old truck belonged to my dad, he gave to my son not long before passing away. The old truck sat undriven in tall grass for about two years and really began to rust, so I decided to give it a going over to preserve it for a while longer. My son will not be old enough to drive it for about four years, but he is pretty stoked. The s10 has SPI Euro clear. B31A367A-4023-45F1-8B3F-CB066B772BC6.jpeg