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Lets build a perfect car

Its a 911, but its not about the power, although it does have a little more than the regular production 911s, 607 hp-vs-580 hp. It is limited production (500) and its said that they don't make a profit on them, and at only $258,000 I believe it.



Trying to be the best me, I can be
Even if you aren't a Porsche guy you might find the Singers interesting. Beautiful and attention to all the little details. I read an article in Road and Track about them and really was impressed. Each car receives over $50K in nickel plating alone! They look factory but have had nearly everything redone, modified to make it better. Real attention to detail. Saw one at Virginia International Raceway about a year and a half ago. Owner had it brought down from New York for a track day. That motor really wails. Think they start at about $600K so hopefully when I'm 115 or so I'll be able to afford one.....:D