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"...Made for the Cold" advertisement

Nice ad in Hot Rod and Restoration and pretty 'cool' having a polar bear with a can of Polar Accelerator! Also liking the SPI logo
at the bottom of the page (which means we need another round of t-shirts made featuring that logo...) :)
I've been to busy to spend much time reading the magazine the last few months but it's nice to come across a SPI add when I do.. I usually read the Hot Rod and Restorations mag, every once in a while there are a few good articles in there.


Paint Fanatic
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Well this is a different format then we are use to, so we are running with this for about 4 months and see how the response is.
It is running in Abrn, Bodyshop Business and of course the one mentioned here.
50 degree's, cloudy and breezy. Polar came in handy for primer and clear today.

I like the ad. It should help and I re-learned something.


Paint Fanatic
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Jim C;31742 said:
well this is a nice ad but i much prefer the one where the hottie is looking at me!!!
Well the bear was cheap and since we don't have no hotties working here, it would be costly to hire one!