Making fiberglass molds


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OK, so this might be a little off topic, but hopefully someone has some guidance.

I want to make a mold of the trunk lid on my 65 Mustang, and ultimately a fiberglass trunk lid. I have been searching the YouTube university, but not too many good videos on the topic. Anyone have a link to a good tutorial, video or otherwise?

And as far a surface prep. The trunk lid needs some bodywork to be perfect, after al the body work is done what would be the best for the finish? Just leave in epoxy primer, or should I finish it out with a color? Or does it not really matter as I will need to coat it with a release agent anyway?




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No need to paint. Epoxy will be perfect. Careful using the release agent as it will most likely be a high silicone product. Alternatively, you could use a typical car wax as your release agent. It will release fiberglass fine. Much less chance of contaminating the work area than with silicone. The release agents that you spray are the worst offenders.
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To do right you will need to make top and bottom in two separate pieces.Then take your parts you pull from the molds and glue them together. Don't forget steel embedded in the bottom to bolt hinges into if you decide to lay up some parts from your molds. Years ago I worked for a place that did body kits. It's more complicated than it looks.
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Season 7 episode 9 of Bitchin Rides has them making the molds for their 53 Corvette. Might be be worth watching.