Mask and Tape advice needed


Would like to do the underside of my trunk lid and hood, then at a later time flip and do the topsides. I initially planned to hang then both but I’ve convinced myself that the metallic will match the fenders and quarters better if sprayed laying down...

Both are scuffed on the bottom side with 400-600. Will use a 25% reduced epoxy as a sealer.

Would you put the base down and tape off the bottom? Or would you go ahead with the clear (UV in this case), then tape? And how long before taping would you wait, and how long would you let the tape stay?


when i did my trunk lid i taped the edges of the top side but didnt fold tape over the edge. then i base cleared the underside. then a few days later idid the same thing and sprayed the top side


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If I was going to do the bottoms I would go ahead and clear. There is a lip on the top skins that folds under that will make a good place to tape when you do the top sides. It would difficult to tape just the base and put it on a stand without messing it up. The clear will be much more durable. Taping should be fine after 24 hrs or so, but don't leave it on any longer than you have to, the next day will be fine
It really depends on the "later time". Best to just let that clear on the underside alone until you are ready to paint the opposite side, especially if we are talking a week or weeks.


“Later time” was supposed to be last week. My wife is getting PO’d at how long I’m taking. No need to rush since the project has taken five years to this point.
I think i’ll lay the base and clear down on the bottoms this evening and let it sit until Monday when I tape it off and do the topsides. Then pull tape ASAP. Sound good?
I really appreciate this forum and SPI customer service. Hopefully my car looks good enough that people ask who did it and I can reply “Me” with the help of SPI. If it weren’t for this forum, I’d be putting lacquer primer on bare metal and who knows what else.