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Material to practice with?

I have my gun and compressor setup now and want to practice painting a few things prior to using this setup on my car. Im thinking mailboxes, some tables, and other small pieces. I was wondering what is a good, affordable paint I can spray that would act similar to SPI's high solid coatings and clears? If it is pretty unique I can go with black or white and wait for the more expensive red I intend to use.
Just about any base will do, some places offer some closeout stuff with good pricing, and something inexpensive that sprays like spi , don't think you'll get much more affordable than the original and whatever you have left you can use on your project. Good luck
Totally agree it is incredibly affordable, but its also about 5 days away. Ill order some black and practice with it before the red. Thanks!
I guess it depends where you live, I’m in New York and usually have my spi orders in 2days, try a local auto body supply, there’s even an auto parts store near me that carries Wanda.