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Maybe one day I'll finish it.

I started with a engine tranny and rear end sitting on blocks. I'm finally getting close, But I have very little home time to work on it anymore. The engine and tranny will also be SPI red. Just thought I would show you what I've done so far. So, what do you think?? By the way thanks for everything Barry. You are the MAN.
Looks like a fun toy :) I do wonder if the fenders will hold up, lot of weight concentrated on one spot. The lower rear brace would be better if it went to the axle housing imho. I'd keep and eye on it for cracking to you dont have an ohshit moment.
It's not realy visible in the photo but, the fender bracket has a 1 & half inch by 3/16 square tube welded to the back of the bracket and the axel tube. about 2 " high so it's welded all the way around plus to the heavier tubing also.


evil painter
Pretty cool. I once planned around the time I was 40 I'd build my own style of v-8 trike, then the economy dropped & I never got past pictures& drawings. Maybe someday.
Like to know what you think of how it actually rides & handles once you start driving it.
Thanks guys Its been 3 years but I work out of town so I don't get a lot of free time. I have put around 75 miles on it and it really did better than expected smooth but firm because the rear suspension is a swing arm so there is no give side to side. You can let go of the bars and it just tracks strait on down the road. I can hardly wait till I get it tagged and insured so we can really enjoy it.