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Mecum Indy 2013

We spent the weekend at the Mecum Auto Auction in Indy. There were some nice cars, lots of decent, and quite a few terrible cars. As we walked through the buildings we stumbled upon this 70 Cuda. We both stopped in our tracks and noticed it shined better than anything else in the building. It wasn't until we started reading the details on the car that we recognized the color: Limelight. I remember JeremyB painting a 70 Cuda Limelight. I don't know if there is anyway of tracing the footsteps of this car to see if it is the same? The owner was from New Hampshire. This car was spectacular. Perfect gaps and dead flat panels. I just had to share. :)

From JeremyB's (Elite Customs) Facebook Page:

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Nice! But that isn't the car I sprayed. The owner lives in N.C and the car is still in the assembly process.

It is pretty much identical though, other than the one I sprayed will have a vinyl top and the hockey style stripe down the quarter panels.

Maybe someone used SPI on that one? Lol.
It shined like Universal Clear, that's for sure!

Barry, I was close to buying it. Unfortunately it was around $112,000 out of my price range. LOL We didn't go to buy anything, but these auctions are becoming the best car shows you can go to.