My $200 Paint Booth


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Might be too late, but I set up a paint booth inside my shop with a HF outdoor tarp one auto storage tent. I used the squirrel cage blower from our old a/c house system when the a/c guy installed a new a/c system. I believe if you ask a a/c repairman, you can likely get one used from one of his jobs. I build a separate air plenum to hold my blower about head high, cut out a hole to blow air into the HF tent (positive press booth), & put about 12 a/c filters around the 3 open sides of my 2x4 framed plenum. I also put a pc of thin plywood at an angle inside the booth to blow the blower air up. You can section off the blower outlet area as needed to cut down the air flow if needed. So, the air blows up into the tent, down around the car and out the bottom unsealed edges of the tent, sorta like a downdraft booth. Hope this might help. Works pretty good but still does not make up for my sorry painting skills, ha! And since the squirrel cage is outside the booth blowing in, you do not have to worry about an explosive proof motor.


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Thanks. That is helpful information. I'm planning to go over ceiling/walls/floor with a leaf blower before each session and let the fans run at least 30 minutes to move any dust etc. out before spraying. I'm not using any filter on the exhaust. Advantage of being rural. Luckily my shop lighting is great and the tent is translucent. It looks like I will have all the light I need.
30 minutes isn’t enough. If I do something like that I do it the day before.


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For your safety: 6.2.6* Any utilization equipment or apparatus that is capable of producing sparks or particles of hot metal and that is located above or adjacent to either the spray area or the surrounding Division 2, Zone 2, or Zone 22 areas shall be of the totally enclosed type or shall be constructed to prevent the escape of sparks or particles of hot metal.