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My 69 Camaro X-55 Restoration

Hey guys thought I would post up about my restoration using SPI epoxy and primers.

I just want to say that I am extremely thankful that I was recommended by many on the Team camaro forums!! Camaro side.jpg

Camaro Ready for Pickup.jpg

Front end (3).jpg


During (8).jpg

Quarter Removed.jpg

During (5).jpg
I just cannot imagine going to that extreme on any vehicle. I just hope you have better luck getting parts that fit together. The one that I am just finishing up has been a real headache. The parts are very available as reproductions, but they lack quality and fit in many cases.

Well no one can accuse you of not being thorough. That car will be all new by the time you get it back together.
Looking forward to more pictures of your process and progress.
all panels fit great but i know what you mean. alot of massaging was done to get them perfect.





Polyester Prince
Fantastic work.. Looking forward to seeing it all together again,,. I got one of those been setting here for quite some time now :(
it's back with him, I think he should be getting close on getting the rear suspension finished up, he has been talking about bringing it back in to get it finished up this winter.. we will see.
Been almost two years since I posted on my resto lol
I have the body and every panel wetsanded to 600 grit
I just put the cars final layers of epoxy on the fenders and will block them over the weekend
Then comes color!! image-1697557185.jpg






Awesome! My favorite body style of all time. Be sure to post some progress pics as you go. I remember when I pained mine a few years ago, I had a terrible time with the repo fenders. I can't imagine how difficult it is with that many new panels!
Hey Chad it's Tony in Battle Creek MI. Could you give me a call i have some questions on a 69 RS coming into my shop next month for a complete.
Thanks Tony