NASCAR chassis/cockpit paint


I've recently purchased a used NASCAR roller. It began its life in 2004 and was raced on road courses like Watkins Glen.

The interior and chassis paint is chipped all over the place and I'd like to touch it up. Any ideas on what paint may have been used? It seems to be a light grey or white color. It appears to be a gloss.

Not sure if there is a particular paint they always used... like a standard "NASCAR chassis paint"



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We still sell a few and have shops that paint these cars, there is no standard used and will say everything and any brand could have been used. I would have a jobber use a camera to match the color and go from there.


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Friend from back in High School built transmissions for many years for RCR. I got to hang out at the facility a couple of times. My Buddy was trying to get me on with them in the Body Shop. I can guarantee you this it is nothing special. Oftentimes they'd be in such a rush they would shoot single stage urethane right over bare steel. Teams used whatever product that would pay them to use it. Any single stage urethane would be fine if all you are doing is touching up what's there.


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Ssanto- could it be registered if you added lights & jumped thru enough hoops & red tape?
Picturing sitting at traffic light & one pulling up next to me :)


Makes sense... I'll probably hunt around for a Duplicolor "auto" rattle can that matches close enough.

And yes, I considered turning it into a street car :) But my plans are to do NASA and SCCA road racing with it... maybe someday though


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I remember seeing a formula number in Sherwin Williams on one of their Nascar calenders a few years ago. I'm sure Axalta and PPG have one, too. All the cars used basically the same gray on the interiors.
I am more the NHRA guy til it went in the toilet. I remember all the great bodies painted, airbrushed, ended up finding out all that paint added 10 pounds to the total weight. I guess every chip made it go a little bit faster.