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National Rule 6H


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Just had to retake the class for certification for the National Rule 6H. Runs out every five years. How many guys here are current in their certification? Anyone have any experiences with their local EPA Inspector? I was told that the fines for breaking any part of Rule 6H start at $1000 and can be as much as $10000 for both the Painter AND the Shop Owner.
This is something I never see discussed anywhere. I really don't think many small one man type places are even aware of it. If you are priming with anything larger than a 3 Oz. cup on the open shop floor you are breaking the Law. If you are a restoring/repairing for yourself you are allowed to do up to 2 vehicles annually at no profit. Anyone can make an anonymous call to the EPA to complain. If the EPA ever decided to really crack down and really police compliance to this law this would put a lot of small places out of business.
I'd like to hear some of your thoughts guys.


Trying to be the best me, I can be
Some of the other highlights in case someone isn't aware. Keep in mind this is for anywhere in the U.S. Whatever guns you are using for painting and priming need to be compliant. More than just stating it's HVLP RP LVLP on the gun you need to have documentation stating this is so from the gun manufacturer. Get caught using something without certification and it's a fine.
Paint booth exhaust filters need to be 98% efficient and you must have the paperwork stating so. Records need to be kept of when filters were changed.
Another common EPA or your States DEQ violation is not having the proper top on your paint waste barrel. If you don't have one you will get cited.
You also need to contract with a company like Safety Kleen to dispose of your paint waste. You need to be able to prove what you are doing with it. No more setting open barrels in the sun and letting the contents evaporate. If you are in Business you need to have a paper trail of you properly disposing of your waste solvents.
Keep in mind this law passed 10 years ago so if your Shop ever gets a visit from the EPA they are not likely to be very lenient if you are in violation of the law.


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No bodyshop or resto shop is ever going to get an exemption. Show me an example. What is the "proper documentation"? Exemptions are like unicorns from what I can tell.
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No worries here. It always takes me way longer than a year to do a car. LOL
I agree with Shine. The EPA has lost its way and now is nothing more than a tool to shut down American businesses. Did they fine themselves when they contaminated a river?


Trying to be the best me, I can be
Thanks for the info AAE. Iwata rep that gave the class I took made it seem like there were almost no exemptions for body shops. So that I understand, as long as you are not using anything with the Target HAP's you can qualify for an exemption?
I talked directly with the head of the EPA for my state. Sent in the MSDS for every product I use. Even window cleaner. Took a while but it was achieved.


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We deal with epa at work on door & window swaps for any work at houses before 1977 for possible lead paint. It's more about doing paperwork correctly rather than saving retarded kids from eating paint chips.:p.
Seriously though , years ago we did door & window removal on an old house years ago where you could about smell the lead in the old paint. We treated everything as if it was known to have lead, doing plastic wrap, duct tape , all that crap, but didn't turn in a lead check sample. Were in contempt of a $30,000 fine.


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With Trump in office the EPA has been curtailed and not heard of any (set up) inspections since, before Trump I could write a book on horror story's that I have been told.
They never inspect and go away with out a fine, period!!!!
Only place that hassles shops now are southern California as of the last 2 years that I have heard.


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Yesterday & today i've listened to & viewed during dinner the Supreme q&a on cspan2.

To the point of agencies- we the people have a chance (sorta) to put forward reps, pres, judges, ect that will represent us & our beliefs, and if that person we put forward fails us, we have the ability (sorta) to change things.
Agencies, which seem to grow vastly over the past decade(s), actually hire & create rule which we the people, unlike electing or not re electing or reps, create their own rules without our input.

I'm not getting this point across as gracefully as the great rep did, i'm no scholar, or know if i even spelled scholar correct, but it was beautiful point and this thread came to mind and i felt obligated to insert this.