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I am in the process of painting a 1986 Monte Carlo and have 2 small side windows from the rear that has aluminum sandwiched between 2 pieces of rubber. The back side says pvc, My question is do I spray adhesion promoter then color or should I use epoxy? I have never painted a rubber type before and am not very knowledgeable on the subject. I know you guys have dealt with this before and can point me in the right direction.
Well pvc requires no adpro. Wipe it down with acetone and a rag to clean it and prep the surface then shoot a coat of epoxy primer on it.


evil painter
If part is a rubber that you can depress with a fingernail, paint may bond now but fail later.
Think I'd tape that part with pinstripe tape.
Saw this earlier, figured I'd see at least one Monte Carlo at a car show tonight to try & see what you're talking about first, none there.
There is rubber on both inside and outside of the aluminum trim that will show, The owner said paint it and if it fails we will have to redo it. I am going to try and tape it off and paint the aluminum only, Man this thing has threw many curves at me so far and I can imagine what will be next. Thanks a lot for your reply, I really appreciate the help.
if the rubber is flexible pvc then paint will bond. if its regular black rubber like on a tire, etc, then that is not pvc and it wont stick for long like JL said. if its pvc then flexing and chipping off is another issue all together. there is no way you will get around that one even if the paint is adhered.
I really appreciate you answering Jim, The back side is labeled PVC so I will talk with the owner and explain what his options are and go from there.


evil painter
Another thought for part ID. If you can touch an unseen spot with a soldering iron, should be able to smell if actual rubber or flexible pvc.