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I sprayed a trunk lid this evening, I currently have 3 coats of Euro 5000 on and plan on sanding next week and spraying 3-4 coats of Universal. My question is this: I can see some lows in the clear that are apparently from my inexperienced block sanding. I think I may have tilted the block or something similar, Can I sand the lows out of the clear and go as planned next week with the Universal or do I need to go another route? I really appreciate the help as always!


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Without seeing the lows or knowing what color it is, it would only be a guess. All I can suggest is sanding it flat with 400-600 until the lows are gone and hopefully they are gone before you go through. If it is a metallic, even when the lows or scratches are level, they may still show because the base is not reflecting the light evenly. Then you would have to rebase and clear. After sanding, you can check the suspect areas by wetting with wax & grease remover to see if the lows will be visible with clear only. Hope this helps.


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I’m abosoulty no expert and a newbie but I would imagine you can as long as you don’t break through the clear and spot in the base in those areas. I would like to hear this repair from one of the experts as well....

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I really appreciate the help guys, The color is metallic maroon. I am going to sand it it a few days and see if the lows are gone or going to shadow.


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Depending on how much build's needed, would it be frowned upon to lay a few coats over lows followed by one over everything, block it then shoot the uvc?

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Eddie, without knowing how much you need to cut it down, there is no way to answer your question. Texasking gave a good answer but I suspect you are going to break through to color before you are near where you want to be. The amount of build you have with clear is not going to amount to much.

Since you made your origional post the same day you shot it, the block sanding you are referring to must be in the surface under the base. I suspect you will need to block it, re-base it and clear again.

I hope I am wrong.

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The question I would ask is do you have enough base left to just cut it down and start with base again. I would hate to see you have to go buy another quart and not get a dead on match where its not going to match anyway.

Wet sanding is usually a pretty good indicator if you are going to get to where you want to be, that is sanding and then letting a hose run over the panel so you can see what the clear is going to do when it lays down. That might help you see how far you have gone with cutting the euro and not going too far.


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I'm just throwing ideas, i'm not the one who started thread.
We need photo. Me personally if it's large low area, i'd block without hitting base best i could using material on already, throw on enough coats to fix, leave in sun for shrinkage, block it a week later & give 3 more coats.
Will it shrink more by next yr? Donno.
Base over clear for me changed tone alot so i'd avoid that.