need info on over spray on floor


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first things first I'm a 78 first timer painting. I must have the record for calling SPI. I just got done spraying the epoxy sealer coat and I do have a few nip and faults. But not bad for a first time. I've tried sanding the nips and I believe they turnd out OK but I do have a couple of spots that look like the hide of a gator.. Sanding with 1500 doesn't seem to cut it. My question is do I need to spot spray with my epoxy sealer over those spots, leave as is, or ? Also before going to my base coat I have over spray on the floor. I figure when spraying this will kick up and get in my base coat. How to clean the mess up on the floor. My body is locked in the spray booth I made. If I tear out the front and move the body out side I'm afraid it will have more dust and crap get onit. ( I sanded the 2K out side and it became a target for the birds) And how much dirt will I get back on the tarp cleaning.

Any idea on what to do. (just forget the dust and spray base???? Dust can be seen in picture booth and car


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Based on the two close up pics, you're definitely not ready to spray base. Sanding dust can be handled with a shop vac with a good filter. Once I'm anywhere near ready to paint, I avoid blowing dust with an air gun. Some of the pros will hopefully add to this, but I'm thinking you'll need to re-seal the entire body rather than spotting with sealer. One purpose of sealing is to provide a slick uniform surface for base, and its doubtful you'll get that by spot spraying.
that epoxy is a little textured for sure. i would lightly sand the texture out with 600 grit then if its been more than 24-48 hours since you shot the epoxy you will need to shoot another sealer coat. this time you need to reduce the epoxy way more. mix it 1:1:1 then shoot a super thin coat. it does not need to cover. just a micro thin coat. its just there for adhesion. after that go right to base. i would not worry about overspray on the floor. you can wet/dry vacuum it up but generally dust on the floor is heavy and is not what gets in your paint job.