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Need some advice on re-paint

Hi all and thanks for any advice/help

This is my 3rd full restoration car and 2nd paint job where I do it all. But anyway been working on this project 8 years and trying to finish for the GTO nationals in June
Car is 1970 GTO RA3 Baja Gold base with white painted top -- 400 auto PS PB

So at paint step
Using SPI epoxy base and SPI epoxy reduced as sealer over body work etc. Used Motobase Color and SPI 4000 series clear
Anyway did pretty good overall job (many calls to the Host and thanks for all the help), with a lot of dust, a couple bugs, NO RUNS :), a couple of hairs and one sweat drip spot. Not bad for an in the garage I did the quarters in job. Had some buds come over today and we put the doors and trunk lid on.. Then seen the door in light mounted

SO large problem #1 is this drivers door. I have the, whats called Tiger Stripe or dry spot right in mid.. In sun clearly visible at angle.. So I'm figuring to re-paint the door, so asking what is the general procedure? Do I sand the clear and re-apply sealer before base? So what grit would I sand the clear with? Do I have to go sealer 1st then base? Or will base spray and stick to sanded clear? What would be the best method to fix?

Small problem on the trunk lid where some kind of big dust ball got there and when wet sanded it pealed to the sealer. I'm trying to stick some base in it with small model brush but think I'll have to spot it with touch up gun then re-clear trunk.

Here are some pix
Here is the dry or tiger stripe and dont say because its a GTO it should have Tiger Stripes :)

It looks Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!! Ha Ha On the door wet sand with 600-800 and base right over, clear is one of the best sealers. Try to do a coat or two and then a drop coat over the area but trying to stay off the edges by fender and quarter. Maybe a color problem? Another word is blend base inside the panel. Hope it works out let us know.