Need to match single stage DuPont Centari enamel


Hi guys,
so I bought a really nice 37 Chevrolet last year and need match the 1977 Corvette Dark Red solid color done in DuPont centari single stage enamel, paint is 10-12 years old but in perfect condition

painting the wheels and plan on putting fender skirts on it a little later in the summer. My local DuPont dealer went out of business and I know DuPont actually was bought out and the centari line was phased out around 5 years ago.

I can get nasons in SS enamel but here bad things about them. I have a sherwin Williams near by but do not know if they even carry SS enamel
i will call them tomorrow. I was hoping to find a local dealer that could work with me on matching the paint as close as possible.

looking for any thoughts on which are the better choices out there since options seam to be getting smaller.

here are some of my spi toys

first used spi on my chopper in 2005, epoxy and universal clear with HOK tangerine kandy

My 1931 ford all spi epoxy and black single stage

and just recently a 41 pontiac steering wheel for the 37 Chevrolet. Used Universal clear and HOK rootbeer kandy with a gold base. Came out darker than I really wanted but will try redoing in the future maybe more of a candy red instead



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Why are you so set on enamel? Centari was my favorite enamel 35 years ago, but that color can be matched in SS urethane or BC/CC by a competent jobber. Cool vehicles, BTW.


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I think you can still get Centari. Try these folks.



Went with the nasons enamel, glad i went local because we had to darken the formula just a hair to match the painted piece I brought in. Seamed to cover and lay down ok


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Man there is no smell better than a centari job the next day. That paint has a distinct smell as it cures. Brings back memories of my teenage years. I think any SS paint would match well enough.

Centari with wet look hardener shines as good as catalyzed urethane SS IMO. Especially on something like wheels I dont think you would notice.