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New disposable cups from 3M


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Wonder if this is a fix???

Reason i ask is all of a sudden in last 3 to 4 months had strange problems pop up with different items and everything was done right also using the PPS cups, finally one painter took out the strainer and problem went away, so the next 20-30 calls I had the people do that and bingo all is well.
Then talking to a jobber and I brought it up, he said he had run into problems also and was returning inventory to his warehouse and the salesmen told him they they had a new manufacture making these and they were a problem.
So i don't know whats going on except what I hear on streets But just a heads up.
i've had those from iwata for years . i went with them instead of the bags. i just have to remember to open the vent before spraying .
I recently upgraded to the 2.0 system after using the original pps for years. There are several upgrades in the new setup. A bigger and better strainer is one, that may solve the issue Barry mentioned. The lids fit much better into the disposable tips and the gun adapters. I always felt a little uneasy with the way the cup wiggled. Now it's very snug. The lids are more domed for better flow. The opening is nearly twice the size to allow better material flow. They did away with the collar so each lid comes with a built in locking system that attaches directly to the cup. The cups have a slot in them to allow you to push the used liner out. Also, each lid/liner kit comes with a new cup included. I heard that their patent ran out and that's why they made the changes, but who knows. In my opinion, I think it's worth upgrading.
How do they compare to the Devilbiss De-Kups system? Who has the best disposable cup system?
I never used the 3M PPS, 3M 2.0, or the Devilbiss. What's best depends on what features you like, cost and ease of use. The Sata RPS system looks the best to me because I like a positive vent and appears to be a simple well thought out system. I know the collapsible cup allows for spraying upside down but that just isn't very important to me.
I'm curious about the new 3m because it looks simple (lid-cup) and has a positive vent. But I have no clue how they are going to compare. Will the vent need to be manually switched or work automatically? Will they work in existing adapters (PPS) or will it be all new adapters? How will they compare in cost? And most important will they function reliably? Another reason I'm looking for answers about the new 3M is should they work in the existing adapters I have most of my guns covered. With Sata it would be all new (7-8) adapters excluding Sata quick couple.