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New labels are coming!


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We are in the process of making slight changes to ALL of the SPI labels.
We have now updated 20 of them and over the next 6 months the rest should be done.
I have already had a few calls asking if product has changed and the answer is no, we had hundreds of calls back in 2007 area when we tried to make the labels look nicer by going to block letters and adding one or two colors to each one.
Some changes are:
The big 2.1 VOC on front of labels are gone, too many people thought that was the mixing ratio.

These changes are all part of the New GHS mandates, where you will notice we were adding stickers to the labels to make them legal a lot of extra work that will be eliminated.
Also you will notice the solvent breakdown and VOC's of each product as well as breakdown of solvents, all required under the law effective in the last year.

Activator labels, you will notice instead of have a fast label, medium, slow and very slow, we have gone to one label with boxes to check for each speed, like we did on the epoxy a few years ago and the 2K primers.

Since we order 30,000 of each label at a time this will cut costs and reduce inventory of just one product from 120,000 labels to 30,000. As space is at a premium.

So far I have spent right at $50,000 for the first 20 labels and with first batch, completely filled a dumpster throwing away labels we had in stock.

One thing we can say with real pride, although it took a 1000 plus hours of work our MSDS have been legal long before the law went into effect and our labels have been also but with the ugly stickers applied and looking it looks like around 50% of the companies out there are not legal yet but when they fine you (company), the jobber also gets fined for selling it and they now offer a reward if you turn in an illegal label or MSDS sheet, they are serious!

Hope this helps clear things up.
Thanks for all the great effort of you and your team, it's nice to know you stay ahead of the game and cover your bases.

I just received an order yesterday and I don't know if it's been mentioned before, but the new pink peanuts are great, no more static mess to fight lol.
Huh, I was just thinking the opposite, the static with the peanuts in the order I received yesterday was terrible! However, I know they're the cheapest way to go so it saves us all money.


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Out law, yes they do.
We are paying about 14% more for these peanuts and a different supplier as we have tested a bunch, they are static free, on a UPS truck they can self generate static, on a truck line not as much.
There was one better but when you smashed one they did not bounce back into shape, so totally useless for heavy items like we ship but would be good for small item shipping.
Are the new MSDS sheets going to be available on line soon? I checked the website today and when I click on the MSDS button it doesn't link to the sheets.


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At this point, I have decided to do the the majors do (make you work for them, lol)
Customers are entitled to one and will get and we will be happy to send all to you so you have for your shops.