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nissan plastics

hey guys i need to spray spi flat black on some nissan parts
parts include
front bumper grille
sideview mirrors
the only tag i can see on the plastic reads the plastic on the bumper is PP+EPM
sideview mirrors is PE
do i need adhesion promotor?
Normally it would be fine, but if it's been subjected to extreme temps I'd ask Barry. Don't think there is anything in there to go bad though.
Sometimes they have a black primer applied on them. What I do to determine the proper prepping procedure on new plastic parts, is that I try sanding a small area that doesn't show, in the frontal part of the bumper. Depending on the way it sands, it will tell me if the is any primer applied, I had bumpers sometimes fool me, they were primed when I though they weren't.
It can be hard to tell sometimes. Most but not all mirrors are made of something that does not need adhesion promoter, if they are smooth, rigid, and shiny I would think they technically do not need it. If you can carve off a sliver in a hidden spot, dunk it in water and see if it floats. Floater, use promoter.