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Old Car, new paint...do I need to remove all paint?

For this Bronco Project, I would:

  • paint remover and scrape it off, follow with scuff and OSPHO, rinse, fine sand

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  • use __________ over the partially sanded areas before priming

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  • Go to the nearest strip joint and hire a stripper to strip paint.

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  • wire wheel, follow by sanding on everything down to _???__ Quality. Then do ???

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Do I need to blast or sand off all the old paint? What would be the impact if I only sanded and primed over existing paint? can I kill the micro rust dots without completely removing everything? I have a "shake and spray primer"(it can be returned); will it be adequate under a 2K or 1K paint?
Current conditions of car and body parts:
> car is on jacks; weld repairs are completed.
> removable parts have all been removed
> The underside and engine have been cleaned and painted.
> some fiberglass and weld repairs have been completed
> windows have been removed, a little rust repair is needed.
> car was repainted maybe once or twice in 50 years. 25 years since last painting
> old paint is mostly good; some micro size rust dots scattered throughout.
> seams were rusty have been wire wheeled to bare metal.
> The front parts (Grill, hood, fenders) have many small rust pits from road blast and beach travels (This is probably the worst of everything).
> about 6 small dents still need to be worked out.
> still haven't started on the camper shell (Rust in the cracks under sealer, som front edge damage under gaskets, and a CB hole to weld repair, rusty edges.)

I plan to make a homemade booth.
Advise? Please estimate quality versus suggested scope of effort.
Bronco Image set (see Album-Bronco -before priming)
01-side view.jpg 02-side panel.jpg 03-side panel-detail.jpg 04-door1.jpg 05-door2.jpg 06-manyparts.jpg 07-front window detail.jpg 08-front grill-detail.jpg 09-bumper-detail.jpg 10-camper.jpg )


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I've worked part time on two early bronco's for last five years. Blast it all. More than likely front/rear door jambs, inner/outer rockers will need to be replaced. If have to replace floors do it with it on frame. Without frame under it the flex is worse than a convertible car. Make sure all gaps are right before paint. The roof probably has rust behind inside braces, under seamsealer at driprail, and across front inside of cap. I cut and glued a piece of sheet metal inside/across front going left to right due to the flex when it gets moved around. They look good done right.


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As far as primer, I use SPI epoxy on all bare metal projects. There is nothing better. If you are going to put time/effort into it you want the paint job to last a long time. A good primer/paint foundation from bare metal is only way to do these early bronco's.