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Orange peel adjustment

Ive got myself and my gun fairly close to being dialed in for spraying universal clear. But I feel like after looking at my fenders tonight that Im missing that one last adjustment to lessen my orange peel. I dont have bad orange peel, probably close to what my factory paint is on my 14 Silverado. Im just confused on which way to go, but I have an idea and Im wondering if anyone can confirm it.

In the picture posted I had 2 coats on and it was pretty slick, Im real happy with how it looks and its what Im trying to get in the finished product. I put one more coat on after this picture and got a little peel, so at this point Im fairly certain it was down to me and not really the gun. From what I recall I might have slowed down a little but I cant remember for sure.


In the how to adjust your paint gun section this is in it:

A simple formula to remember is orange peel is fluid adjustment and run control is an air pressure adjustment. If you’re getting a few runs try upping the air pressure 5-10 pounds more

Orange peel is fluid adjustment, which means if I slowed down I put more fluid on the panel and got slight orange peel. Is this correct thinking?


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Looks great maybe try wetting first coat more as second coat will not reflow the first coat and that is how dealers match factory is by spraying first coat dryer.
I started out about half way to where I thought I might end up on settings, and it sprayed a little dry again. So I opened up the fluid and fan a half turn, and about 3 pounds down on air, I always thought I might be a little too high on air. It looked good on my test paper and even better on the doors. I think all 3 coats sprayed at those settings and it would be even a little bit better looking.

Im really happy with it, and most of all I have a sense of direction to take. Thats what makes it so enjoyable for me, its a challenge and I learn something every time I'm in the booth. Thank you for the guidance.