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Orange Peel and Runs

Explains how to find where the sweet spot is your gun. Then you'll know how far to hold your gun.

If the link doesn't post, look up Collision Hub: How to set your gun pressure.

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Jim distance is one critical element, another is overlap. Try 6 inches and 75% or so overlap and you'll notice a difference. Do some test panels first to gauge where you need to set your fluid. I've no experience with that gun so I can't tell you a setting to start with. Perhaps Barry or one of the guys here can give you a starting point. Barring that try holding it to a wall with some RTS clear in it. Use some masking paper so you can see what you are doing. Turn your fluid tip all the way in. Then open it 1 1/2 -2 turns out to start. Hold it to the wall at your spraying distance of 6" and pull the trigger for no longer than 1 second. You want it to look full and wet but not so wet that it starts running or looks like it's pouring out. Keep testing until your pattern is full and wet.

Thanks. I actually started looking at my setup now that I am smarter. What I have found is my flow and pressure are not independent. I can't flow enough air to keep a constant pressure as I am adjusting the flow. I am going to pull the wall regulator off and see if it can get enough CFM to keep the pressure. The regulator is no kidding 35+ year old. I remember when I bought it for my airbrushing of models when I was around 20...... I need to fix this before I can really understand how to get consistency I think.
Holy crap Chris.... I bought a 3/8" hose and removed the wall regulator. It is a different gun.... It laid down the epoxy like glass with 75% overlap. I did get a few craters on the first panel before I got the flow dialed in better. After that it was amazing.... DSC_0108.jpg
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