Paint doors on or off the car

JC Daniel

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I am painting a car for my friend and have to paint the inside of the doors and jambs, Should I paint them and the outside of the door or should I paint the inside of the doors and jambs and install the doors and paint them when I paint the car?He says if we paint the outside of the doors we may scuff them up when we install them, But the jambs are painted and inside of the doors so to me the problem is trying not to scuff them. Your thoughts are appreciated.
I think this kind of goes with that long horizontal thread. You really break up the car by going fender, quarter and doors off.

If you are doing it WITH a buddy, you guys should be able to handle the doors without destroying them. Tape the fender and quarter and edge of the door. If you are doing it alone, there are attachments to cradle a door on a floor jack that willl also support the weight.

So my answer, if you are comfortable with the long sides of a full car, put them on, if you want to have that buffer of masking paper after the fender and before the quarter , then leave them off. The other thing to decide is the actual paint, if it is a heavy metallic, you want to walk the side to do that.
I normally remove the doors, trunk lid and hood. Paint and clear the underside and jamb areas of all three. The carefully reinstall and align them using masking tape to protect contact areas when opening and closing the doors.
Door for color sample.JPG

Front Right Cleared.JPG

That being said, I have also painted everything separate and then reassembled the car. This can be done even with metallic paint but you have to be consistent in every aspect of the job from panel to panel.


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To me, it's just not worth the risk spraying metallics off the car. Solid colors are much easier. I've been bit a couple times and ended up installing the doors and repainting the sides anyway because it was off just enough to look bad to me. Used same everything, once spraying at the same time, still off just enough to see. I see show cars all the time that have obviously had the panels painted separately, especially silver and other light metallics, that look terrible to me, but most people probably don't notice.