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paint line

anybody have a code for warbonnet gold ? not just the code but a line that covers. so i dont want any omni or nason suggestions. their crap wont cover for crap .
this color was a horror back in the 70's . all gm metallic colors sucked . many shops would turn away these colors. no point. wont cover or match . stuff took 10 coats in lacquer to even get close .
That only comes up from an old S-W custom color deck, as far as I can tell, so there's probably no cross reference. In those cases we buy a small quantity and do a custom match based on a sprayout.

The new S-W number is 5527472 in case you want to try something like that.
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Actually, it might be GM 91 or WA4148, PPG has no DBU or DBC formula. I asked my jobber buddy to look into it.
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