Painting a multicolored stripe to break up two tone and im second guessing the order to do it in


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I am painting a 71 blazer blue and white two tone. Where the colors come together I am going to paint a black and silver stripe that kind of mimics the factory trim. I am not trying to copy the factory trim exactly because i dont have the skill to make it not look like a crappy fake trim.

I was originally going to paint the full width of the stripe in black. Then tape off what stays black paint the silver. But that leaves double thick paint at the edge. I dont want to butt the outer silver up to the black, because it seems like I always wind up with a spot where it is uneven.

I am now thinking of painting the black part first and making it 1/8 narrower than the overall stripe width. Then tape off the silver and paint it. The silver will be 1/16 outside the black, so I would eliminate the double thick edge, but may have a step transition.

Here is a pic of what I am thinking for the lower stripe. It's a quickie test panel on an old side window. It's about 2.75 inches wide.
If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it