Painting Glass?


Hi Everyone,
I'm going to be spraying black candy mixed with clear over my park and turn signals. I also have fog lights, but they are glass ones. Is there any way to spray a black candy clearcoat over glass and have it stick? I imagine sandblasting would make it too dull...



Top Banana
Mitch, test blackness on something clear before all your lights & see how much light will be blocked.
Put test plastic over lights to see difference. Can also replace bulbs with brighter led ones.
A tinge is fine but personally i think it's ugly when too black.
My 2c.

Jim C

you cant do the glass ones. it will not hold up long term even if you etch the glass. best thing you can do just for the fog lights is the vinyl tint material.

Jim C

i will only say dont make them dark. light to med. smoke em, dont limo tint those things lol