Painting hard plastic steering wheel


I have a 1967 Camaro RS/SS hard plastic steering wheel that I would like to paint. There are no cracks or damage, I just want to freshen up the black paint. Can I spray black epoxy directly to the wheel, or will it need an adhesion promoter? I'll sand it to 240 before applying the epoxy, then sand it to 600 before applying the base clear..... or, does it need the epoxy at all or could I just paint over the existing finish? Thanks, Bill
It's not bare plastic it sounds like, so you don't need adhesion promoter if you're just scuffing the existing paint. Otherwise the rule is if it's a floater use a promoter, meaning if you shave a sliver of plastic and it floats in water, you need adpro.

The black epoxy alone will make a fine finish for a steering wheel, unless you're going for a very specific color that you are achieving with your base.