Past epoxy window for sealer


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I have sprayed 2 coats of SPI epoxy on some parts and then sanded with 240 grit dry and then sprayed 2 more coats and wet sanded with 600 grit. It was all ready for the reduced epoxy as a sealer but I missed the time frame to coat it. Can I just take a red scotch pad to the parts and then put the sealer on or is there something better to do to get the epoxy to bite?


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Anyone? What is the temp that I need to spray the sealer needs to be sprayed and how long is the spray window ?


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Temp needs to be 65 or higher, prefer 70.
Lots of factors here so with what , I don't know 24 hours.

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To the first question by Paintsalot after overnight dry I will run a scuff pad over the epoxy I just feel better doing this before coat of reduced epoxy as a sealer. And to Carnutsx2 like Barry said lot of factors here. Great at 72 Deg and 50% but that's like once a year around here.