Penetrol as a rust coating


I have discovered this product while researching how to thin oil based paint for spraying. Reading the can I have found that it can also be used to coat rusty metal. I did a little Googling and found is has been used in this manner for decades. I have seen some spray it over patina to preserve it. Given it's properties it seems like it may be a good solution for rust seams.

Does anyone have any real world experience using it to preserve rust steel?


I'm very familiar with the product, used to use it in oil base paint and as you described on rusty metal. Ok for outdoor metalwork, steel doors, residential air conditioner housings, etc. I haven't used it in quite some time and don't know if it is the same product it was (EPA?).
It was never permanent and you could only top coat it with oil base - alkyd type paints. Penetrol is not compatible with automotive paints and there is no way I would use it in on any automotive type resto, repair, etc.
using it now inside a cavity of my honda daily driver. Not every job is a full on resto and this will give me a good test of how well it holds up. Doing a quick patch and spraying interior of area with penetrol, fogging it if possible like one would apply cavity wax. Epoxy would be used for any topcoating where I have clean metal, I don't believe the two are compatible but willing to try. Love SPI epoxy but sometimes you can't properly clean out an area of fully disassemble an area for triage repair to a daily driver like mine. value of vehicle doesn't warrant a proper "normal" repair. at least not to me at this point.


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I deleted my two post as misread what was used for, i assumed suspension area not protecting outside paint