Potential UPS strike August 1st


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UPS may go on strike August 1st and if they do, we will be unable to ship product via ground service, so please plan ahead accordingly if you have any jobs coming up. Fedex will not take new customers if this happens, so the only option is to wait out a potential strike.

We heard through the grapevine that the August 27th is the last day they will be picking up packages so the system is near empty on August 1st.
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This may only help a few customers, but I can ship Spee-Dee (north central plains) if you are in their service area. It would take me a few days to ship plus another day or two to get to you. It would have Spee-Dee shipping rates added though. Hopefully UPS gets things settled before stiking.
I worked for UPS in Stafford Texas in 1998, for about 2 hours. I was a part time loader or unloaded. The pay was $6.25 and it was a 4 hour shift only. I was 18yrs old in the truck slanging boxes. And the boss man was standing at the back of the truck telling me to hurry up. Their quota was 60 boxes per minute. That's a box per second and you don't know how heavy the box is until you grab it. I did it for 2 hours and then I asked where the restroom was. And left. My friend stayed and 25yrs later he runs a dedicated route from Houston to Dallas. Nightly. I dont miss it.