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pressure assisted gravity feed gun.


evil painter
Something I've been looking into mainly for some non automotive pro waterbourne coatings could also be useful for spraying primers out smoother with a smaller tip. Sounds pretty simple, but having a hard time trying to get a gravity feed gun with a small pressure assist to the cap to help it feed out thicker coatings. Some old suction guns have this built in, but are poor spray technology . For some stupid reason I can't seem to get any distributor to have someone that knows their ass from a hole in the ground call me back abut what I want. Sorry for the rant, but keep hearing the same excuse, even from places my company has an account with. We all have better things to do than try to follow up on not getting return calls.
Their are 2 guns like I want that have this feature. One is made by sames Kremlin Rexon #M22 G HPA GSP. https://www.sames-kremlin.com/usa/en/product-m22-g-hpa-gsp-manual-airspray-spray-gun-gravity.html I have this same gun at work without the air assist.
Other is Sata spray master rp. https://www.google.com/search?q=sat...AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=651#imgrc=nQdE7MygghqWUM:
Both are made in uk , which is what the internet wants to link to.
Other option is a regulator, as pictured on the sata gun. Can't get a callback on that one either.
Any help here would be appreciated.


evil painter
Have used pressure pot systems before. HF store cheapo for spraying contact cement for laminates & friend had a really nice setup that would lay out anything he tried super smooth with very little overspray.. Pain to fill & clean out for small jobs though.

Finally got a hold of the owner of our local specialty store today that handles the French made Kremlin guns. Has sold the pressure assist models before & has 2 on order, may have late next week.:):) . He says the general purpose kremin guns have an 80% plus efficiency rating and will spray thicker materials smoother than standard gun.
He did mention the accuspray cups with pressure option, which can be sprayed upside down. Great for spraying under a car , etc.
Didn't get a model # , but they get a mini regulator from binks, around $ 40 to $50 to feed approx. a 1psi tube to convert a gun. getting one of those also to try converting a cheap gun just to see how it works.

Just waiting to get them now & also try out at home with epoxy. I doubt there's anyone that wouldn't mind being able to spray epoxy smoother.


evil painter