Primer for oak kitchen cabinets.


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Friend is wondering about a primer that can be filled and sanded smooth on his oak kitchen cabinets. He said grain is deep. I didn't know if regular high build primer would work on wood or not. Thanks for input.

Jim C

yeah if he is trying to fill all the grain in oak they your going to need quite a bit of primer. typically though if he just wants to paint the cabinets and still see the oak patterns in the paint then just a coat of regular build or the white 2k sealer works well. typically on oak you still would see the oak patterns so you want to keep the build down. if he is looking for the perfectly smooth finish then you wouldnt make the cabinets out of oak since its a poor finishing wood and not considered "paint grade". maple or poplar are closed grain and more for that. i recommend just a light coat of primer, sand and paint.


There is "grain filler" just for that, you can find it at woodworker stores.
But even with that you may still need a good 2K primer to get it completely smooth.
I use "conversion varnish" for wood and it uses a vinyl sealer with the same activator.
It fills pretty good and sands real easy, but for oak you need something more for sure.



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Here's a few coats of SPI Epoxy on an oak nightstand, then BC/CC. I got it as smooth as I could (without spending too much time) on the top and doors. It's holding up nicely.


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