Priming process


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Noob here to painting anything except some epoxy primer on my 1974 Jeep cj5.
My question is, I am blasting, epoxy priming, applying filler, epoxy priming again, scotch brite, high build primer, touch up filler, more high build and block sand then paint.

Is this the correct process or do I need to scotch brite between high build and high build? Do I have the right idea or is there a different order?
Dont really know what you are asking, the second epoxy priming over filler should be last primer step, reduced for a sealer coat to block any bleed thru from any of the fillers or poly primers. So as far as I can see this, the epoxy priming again is last primer step before paint.


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Better process would be epoxy over bare metal. Filler over epoxy (within the 7 day window). Sand your filler. Re-prime with epoxy if necessary over bare metal spots. Re-apply filler if necessary. Continue that process until you are satisfied. Once you have the filler work done then apply 1 to 2 coats of epoxy. After proper cure time, but while still within the re-coat window apply build primer (urethane or polyester primer). No sanding or scuffing required if it's in the re-coat window. Block with no finer than 180 grit using a guide coat and making sure your epoxy is a contrasting color. Block until you start seeing the epoxy. Re-apply more build primer repeat the process until you are satisfied.
Use a coarse grit to do all of your corrective blocking. 180 grit is a good choice. Once you have it straight, one or two coats of either urethane or epoxy primer , guide coat, block with 320 then 600 wet all by hand. Then you are ready for sealer and paint. Don't make the mistake of not blocking enough then applying more product and repeating that. Get it straight in 180 before you move onto finer grits.